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Do you like poodle mix puppies?Do you like the fluffy poodle mix puppies??? I have seen some VERY cute ones, should I buy one? I will adopt. There are some on petfinder in my area. I was thinking Shih Tzu-Poodle mixes, what do you think? If you don’t like them then what kind?

Posted by ♥¢αи∂у gιяℓ♥
poodleThey are adorable! I have 2 poodle mixes and they are the best. They don’t get quite as big as a toy poodle and definitely not as big as a miniature poodle, although it does depend on the size of the other dog how big they really will be. One of mine is 5 lbs and the other is 9lbs, so they’re big enough that they don’t get stepped on, yet small enough that an apartment is MORE than enough room to tire themselves out in!

I have not had an serious health problems with them, but one is allergic to fleas. They don’t eat much, but they do drink a lot of water. They are energetic at the right times, and LOVE to sleep at the right times (like when I’m cramming for an exam!) and aren’t “yappy” like people claim small dogs to be. If they hear a noise that they do not know, they will bark, but they caml down once they see someone they recognise or I say something to them.

They have a ton of personality, just like every other dog, but I think mine has too much personality! One figured out how to pull the blinds down so she can look out the window! They’re very smart and know the difference between right and wrong. I leave their crate doors open, and my male crates himself when he has done something wrong. He stays there until he gets bored, which is for about 20 minutes. House training wasn’t that bad with one of them and the other it took a while, so it really does depend on the dog!

I have no problems with them, except that love to tear paper, and one is attracted to the silicone cases for ipods and cell phones! They are relatively easy to groom yourself if you keep their hair short becuase they hair never stops growing, or your can take them to a pofessional every 2 months I would say. Once you brush them regularly they will not get matted and tangled even thgough they have long hair.

I have two maltipoos (maltese and poodle) but I have a friend who has a shihpoo (shih tzu and poodle) and hers it a little bigger but still the same temperament wise. They are great to have and will win over your heart the moment you play with them (that’s how I got my first one)!

And if you don’t want a young puppy, there are shelters and so on that have some poodle mixes. They are a little harder to find if you physically go look for them, but there is www.petfinder.com that has pictures, facts and short tidbits on the dogs. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting (attitude wise) and how they will look. For little dogs though, it sometimes costs just as much to adopt them than it does to buy one. Good luck with your search!

Among the popular poodle mix breeds, please answers the three questions below:?1) which poodle mix breed(s) is/are most desirable to you?
2) Which is/are most teddy-bear-like to you?
3) What color(s) is/are best for your most desirable poodle mix breed?
4) Male or female?

And please, if you have anything else that is related to this question, then do share.

You can see the list of “Popular Poodle Mix Breeds” on this website: Http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/poodlemix.ht…

Why am I asking you this? Well, I want to gather information so I can choose my perfect dog companion. I can’t choose from all the adorable faces of poodle mix breeds, lol. So help me, please! I know I am being bias about choosing a pet dog; however, just to let you all know, I am also looking forward to own other breeds as well.

Posted by Ali M
poodle1. NO poodle mix breeds are desireable to me. You never know how they will turn out, although most end up being uncontrollable, excitable dogs with health issues and which shed hair like nothing else on earth.
2. A nice fluffy little mini poodle.
3. Any colour is good for a poodle although all colours have their own temperaments. Apricot is intelligent and nice and gentle, although a little nervous, black is more boisterous but trainable, white is loving and trainable…etc etc.
4.If I was going to have a pet it would be a neutered male.

Please don’t get a poodle cross – there are so many issues with these dogs. They are not hypo-allergenic, 90% shed and have dander, their temperaments are unpredictable and they often have health issues. You will regret the purchase, believe me.

Dose anyone know about mixed poodles?

Posted by trina
poodlePoodles mixed with what? Cockapoos are pretty smart.(cocker and poodle) Golden Doodles are great (golden retiever and standard poodles) Yorkiepoos can be hard to train and pretty loud.(yorkie and poodle) Maltipoos seem to take on the personality of a Maltese.

Yorkie-Poo Sapphire’s Growth at 7 Months Old

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